Quilt Supplies

Preparation is one of the most important parts of quilting. Before you start working on your project, you’ll want to have all of the right supplies on-hand. If you don’t, you might waste unnecessary time shuttling to and from the craft store, or tearing apart your room to find a single sewing needle. To that end, a destination where you can find all of your desired supplies is ideal.

Collier’s Quilt Cottage LLC is the quilt supply destination for you! We proudly carry many types of quilt fabrics and notions. Choose from our wide variety of fabrics with the help of our expert staff. Pick from our sewing notions so you’ll have all the necessary tools to create your quilt, and make sure to pick up a needlecase and pincushion on your way out! We assure you’ll walk out of our store satisfied, prepared, and possibly more organized.

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